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U.S. Army veteran and paratrooper Kelvin Epps served his country in the 82nd Airborne Division with honor and dedication, a sensibility he now brings to his commercial painting business. Today, as the president of Kelvin Epps Painting Company, Kelvin understands the special needs and requirements for military installations and our clients include Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins as well as Moody Air Force Base in South Georgia. Whether the project includes office areas, training facilities, warehouses, barracks, or special-use buildings, we have the skills and mindset to complete the work in a timely, efficient manner.  Moreover, we work hard to maximize results and mitigate risks for our clients and employees by ensuring project managers, superintendents, laborers, and company administrators are well versed in the complexities of regulatory compliance and applicable associated laws. 

•Warner Robins Air Force Base: 2008-2015 (Painting: Bldgs. 44, 224, 822, 828, and 829)

•Moody Air Force Base: 2008-2015 (Painting: Bldgs. 112, 322, 454, 623, 647, 704, 706, 768,780, and Range of Control Office)

•Warner Robins Air Force Base: 2019 (Painting: Bldgs. 380, 385, 640, and 641) 

•Warner Robins Air Force Base: 2019 (Painting: Solar Project, Layout and painting of ADA striping and panels

•Marine Corps Logistics Base: 2008 (Painting: Bldg. 1361)

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